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Re: calendar enhancement

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I was hoping that the available web control calendar
would be the same except have the month and year as drop
down boxes so that the user can see the calendar and jump
to the date they are looking for at the same time.

I hope this makes more sense.


>-----Original Message-----
>It depends on what kind of interface you want for

navigating the dates. Do
>you want users to be able to type in a date

like '6/26/3002' and it would
>jump to that date? If so, that is possible. Or did you

have some other
>specific UI in mind?
>"Marlene" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
>news:0bb801c33b2a$63a99830$(E-Mail Removed)...
>> Hello,
>> I'm using the calendar for my aspx page and I

>> wondering if it is possible to enhance it so that the
>> user can directly select which month and which year

>> would like to go to rather than only being able to go

>> next or previous months. If it is, how do I do this?
>> Thanks,
>> Marlene


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