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Positioning Dynamically added controls

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I am adding a textbox control at runtime that allows a user to enter a date.
I also want to add a calendar icon beside the textbox so that the user can
click on the calendar icon and have it populate the textbox if they choose.
(We all have seen this in sites such as expedia or something like that).

I have a placeholder that will hold the textbox and I want to add the
calendar to the SAME placeholder. I am able to add it to the same
placeholder but it adds it below the textbox. Instead, I want to position
the calendar beside (to the right) of the textbox.

Here is what I have so far in VB.NET

dim tb as new textbox
dim ctl2 as new control()
Form1.Controls.Item(k).Controls.AddAt(0, tb)

Form1.Controls.Item(k).Controls.AddAt(1, ctl2)

Anyone know of how i can position the second control beside the first?



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Natty Gur
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try to use DIV.

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Know the overall picture

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