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Re: Deserializing custom ArrayList type from ViewState... help..

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> // this doesn't work
> EmployeeList ml (EmployeeList)ViewState["test"];

ViewState["test"] = ml;

make sure the classes that are stored in the arraylist are attributed w/
[Serializable] as well.

"Ramzey" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed) om...
> I have a custom class that uses ArrayList as its base type. I've
> tagged on the [Serializable] attribute to the class definition and I
> can add the class to ViewState or Session on my ASP.NET page.
> // this works fine
> EmployeeList myemp = new EmployeeList();
> myemp.Add(emp1);
> myemp.Add(emp2);
> ...
> ViewState["test"] = myemp;
> The problem comes when trying to cast my custom collection out of
> ViewState. The failure occurs when I try to cast it out, however if I
> try to cast back to ArrayList that works fine.
> e.g.
> // this works
> ArrayList ml = (ArrayList)ViewState["test"];
> // this doesn't work
> EmployeeList ml (EmployeeList)ViewState["test"];
> What do I need to add inside my custom collection object to make it so
> that ViewState can cast back to it when deserialization occurs?

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All classes down the chain are tagged [Serializable]. If this were a
problem I wouldn't be able to cast back to an ArrayList type either,
but since I can it seems I have something missing from my EmployeeList
class. It seems during the deserialization process the deserializer
wants to cast it back to an ArrayList type. I assume deserializer
method call from ViewState is getting a response back from my custom
object that it should be cast to an ArrayList type.. The Microsoft
documention makes sense, but it doesn't address this.
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