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Go Large Alternatives

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juicyjuice wrote:
> Crash wrote:
>> - but this went to 5200/710 when I removed what proved to be
>> troublesome line filters. This coming week I am getting a splitter
>> installed (means adsl router is directly connected and all other
>> phone jack are filtered - no plug-in filters needed) to see if that
>> will further improve things.
>> I work from home and have noticed the substantially better upload
>> speed.

> Would have been given your argument more leverage if you had removed the
> troublesome filter before changing to Orcon, because you didn't until
> changing, your comparison is somewhat flawed.

That's incorrect. I changed to Orcon back in June - so I had exactly the same
installation with both ISPs. Last Thursday I was 'upgraded' to a
non-interleaved connection offered with the new Orcon PRO (max/max) plan.

The splitter was installed today and although all line filters have now been
removed I still get the same speed as above. I was hoping for a further
incremental improvement in connection speeds

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