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the joys of the new MS Vista EULA....ho....ho....

Earl Grey
Posts: n/a
Max Burke wrote:
>> Who Am I scribbled:

>> Peter <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>>> It's called a monopoly - get used to it.
>>> Just be happy in the knowledge that this monopoly power enables
>>> Microsoft to extract massive profits from vast numbers of
>>> victims^h^h^h customers.
>>> Our Commerce Commission, which is supposed to protect consumers
>>> from such monopoly abuse, doesn't seem interested in doing anything
>>> about it.

>> What monopoly ?
>> There are multiple
>> OS Choices
>> Application choices
>> Hardware choices
>> Exactly WHERE is the monopoly ???

> In Peter's Linux addled mind.
> It is (going by the obsessive ranting of many Linux users about
> Microsoft) a requirement to be a Linux user. You have to beleive that
> Microsoft is the equivalent of the 'great satan' to be a true linux user...

If you use Google you are using linux.

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