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OT: GRRRR! Bloody Telecom.

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Alan wrote:
> "~misfit~" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:4435e822$(E-Mail Removed)...
>> Just got my bill. It had $7.50 late payment fee for last month. Yet
>> I made sure the bill was paid by the end of the month. A quick check
>> of their own website showed that my payment was processed by them on
>> 31st and in fact my account was in credit on the billing day (1st of
>> the month).
>> I rang them and, after a lot of button pushing and a wait, "George"
>> answered and checked, only at my insistance, and agreed to remove
>> the late payment fee. I asked him how it can happen, he said "Its
>> the folks in accounting". I said I was asking as I worried in case
>> it was happening to others and they weren't noticing. He said, "No,
>> they notice, we get quite a few phone-calls". He didn't seem to see
>> the irony of it. That (IMO) for eveyone that noticed there were
>> probably 2 that didn't.
>> I didn't get an apology and the guy was quite curt, ****ed me off. I
>> told him that, if they were going to charge a late payment fee, they
>> should give an early payment discount. As I was in credit at the end
>> of the billing cycle then surely, by their own standards, they
>> should give me a $7.50 early payment discount. Of course it was
>> never going to fly but, man, I was annoyed. No apology, nothing.
>> Almost resentment in fact that I had the cheek to question them.
>> I'm going to ring them back and cancel the $2.53 a month wire
>> maintenance contract. **** 'em.
>> --
>> ~Shaun~

> Sounds like a Fair Go story to me - how many of you out there mght
> have been affected like this?

It would be interesting to know.

They've finally updated "Your Telecom" to show that they've dropped the
$7.50 charge. I was going to call them again if they hadn't by today.

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