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Getting VLAN Stats using SNMP

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I have throuble getting VLAN stats on a Catalyst 6509 using Supervisor
Engine 720 (Cisco IOS 12.2(1SXD6)

I can get vlan data from:


>From my tests the data that showed on cseL3VlanStatsTable is somehow

related to the data showed in ifXTable/ifTable as "Routed VLANs"; and
data showed on smonVlanIdStatsTable is somehow related to the data
showed in ifXTable/ifTable as "Unrouted VLANs".

I use the expression "somehow related", because the shape of the graph
obtained from the collected data from both tables is almost the same,
but does not have the exact data.

One of my switches shows on cseL3VlanStatsTable "0" on all VLANs (I
mean the counters are not incremented), but on ifXTable it shows a
little traffic on this VLAN but IS NOT "0".

My Questions:

1. What is the exact difference between the data from "Unrouted VLANs"
with "Routed VLANs" ?
2. What is the correct SNMP source to get data from ?
3. Is correct to said that the total throughut on a VLAN is routed data
plus unrouted data ?
4. Anyone can explain me how can I understand the data on
cseL3VlanStatsTable (some rows has "entityId.vlanId" form but others
has "entityId.entityId.vlanId" and shows only data on one column) ?

I will really appretiate your help
Thanks in advance,


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