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Who can help with WGet?

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I'm trying to use WGet under Windows XP to download a file each hour and
place it in a specific directory for my radio station playout software
to find.

I have studied the WGet doc file, bujt I cannot find how to force the
file always to be saved in the one specific place. There seems no
command-line parameter to say:
write this file to q:\newsfiles.

What is happening instead is that it writes the file to a directory
named as the IP address of the host. and the subdirectory in which it is
stored on that host. So:

That would be manageable, if annoying, but it is now taking to creating
another level in the .../feeds subdir called!

I'm assuming this is a dissonance between the coders of this clever
software, the writers of the dox and me - they see things thru
different glasses than I do.

Can anyone here point me to an answer?


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