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Re: Maori coax crimping tool.

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"grumpyoldhori" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:j5xBf.21182$(E-Mail Removed)...
> Since I prefer to spend a little of my money on the water of
> life,I look for some tricks to save a bob.
> I have been using some coax N connectors,mainly with the 213
> coax.
> The clamp type can get a bit expensive,and I prefer a crimp
> type.
> Now to buy a coax crimping tool, is close to $120 for a good one.
> First grab a couple of crimp type coax fittings.
> Grab a crimping sleeve from one of them,and try it in the
> holes of your drill stand.
> Done that,good,now the drill bit,one size down,put that in
> your drill press.
> Right,down to the steel merchant,grab say a foot of 3/4 inch
> solid square steel.
> Right you need two pieces,slightly longer than the sleeve,I tack weld
> them together,side by side.
> Right put your would be crimping die, in the vice on your drill press,
> pilot drill,then drill to size,grind off tack welds.
> Right grab your hacksaw,and put three shallow cuts on the inside of
> each die half.
> To use,put either side of sleeve,put in vice,tighten,check.
> This idea can be used in place of most crimping tools,I have
> used it for hydraulic fittings,with a large vice and a pipe to
> swing on the vice handle with.
> Often worth having a vernier in the vehicle.
> Go and spend the money you have saved on a bottle or two
> of scotch.
> grumpy

Beautiful Grumpy. It's good to see the #8 fencing wire mentality


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