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Shareaza and chunk sizes

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I'm using gtk-gnutella to share a few vidcap files of old documentaries and
famous speeches.

I've noticed that Shareaza users appear to be able to ignore my maximum
chunk size (8MB) and have found them downloading chunks up to 220MB (!!).

I only have 4 slots allocated to 20KB/s upload bandwidth and having these
people effectively "queue-jumping" and tying up one or more of my slots for
many hours was getting in the way of anyone else trying to download much
smaller files.

I've started explicitly killing off such connections.

Anyone use Shareaza? How does it get around the upload limit that I set on
my own client?

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The maximum chunk size applies only to what *you* send, not what you
can receive.

Gtk-gnutella will honour all uploading request sizes... as of today
(version 0.96b).


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