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Give ADSL ISPs a break

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Rob J wrote:

> In article <(E-Mail Removed)>, Removed)
> says...
>> a.d. wrote:
>> > As with all large corporations and government agencies, you have to
>> > REALLY stick it to them before they'll move their bulk towards helping
>> > Joe Consumer.
>> >

>> Which is why it isn't fair or right to expect a private company to do a
>> god job of providing core infrastructural services.
>> They will always err on the side of profit....and milk Joe Consumer (and
>> Joe Business User and Joe Government User - all the Joes).
>> The thing should never have been sold.
>> We learn in new ways each year why that is the simple truth.

> Nope, we learn that, really, socialists can't bear to have anything in
> the public sector actually run along commercial lines. They should all
> be lossmakers, wells that governments pour money down regularly for
> fringe political causes.

I gave a factual answer and all you've got to respond with ideological

You're an idiot. If the facts ever line up with your let us

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