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Pioneer DVD-Recorder - compatible dvdr?

canon paora
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After checking sites to find my 'most desirable' HD-DVD recorder my
'constant companion' (cc) ignored my opinion (Sony) and bought a
Pioneer instead and I might be thankful for that - the usb keyboard
connection has been a blessing.It's amusing to notice that all the
features that Sony and other makers hype up, Pioneer just mention in
their specs as if they are nothing extra-ordinary. The Harvey Norman
salesman tried to hype up the 'recording hours' but I wasn't surprised
to find any recording mode that is less than 'fullsceen' is generally
crap. Anyway I'm generally pleased with the Pioneer and at least my
'cc' did at least heed my advice to buy a HD recorder.

Now, I'm just curious as to what dvd discs other Pioneer dvdrecorder
owners are having good success rates with - we've been using Sony
spindles which have been good apart from one spindle which was really
awful - my Liteon dvdwriter couldn't handle them (just bad burns as
usual with this crappy writer) and even my Benq writer took ages to
write 'successfully' to them - sometimes up to 15 minutes.

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I bought a few Ritek DVD-RW's which I have been using without any
problems for about a year now.

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Peter Huebner
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In article <(E-Mail Removed) .com>, Removed) says...
> Now, I'm just curious as to what dvd discs other Pioneer dvdrecorder
> owners are having good success rates with

Everything I've thrown at it it has taken and turned out a fine disk.
I must admit I haven't tried to fish around in the rubbish bin behind
the Wharehouse yet so far from the top of my head SKC, TDK, Teac,
Mishibishi, Verbatim, Imation, Kodak (old old gold disks - I still have
a box) are the brands I've used. Not one coaster.


firstname dot lastname at gmail fullstop com
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