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Orcon UBS usage page changed.

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I see today that they've changed the Orcon UBS usage page. It *seems* more
accurate now.

This month, since I've been on a 2M "Autosense" account and am paying for my
bandwidth, I've felt free to download/upload large amounts with a clear
conscience. Previously I was on a 256 unlimited and declined to download
large amounts.

However, up until the usage page update, when I looked at previous months
usage, they were going up as my current usage was going up. WTF??? It was
like they were creating the data on the fly using current statistics and
<the opposite of extrapolating> it to give previous months figures. Last
time I looked they claimed I'd used 15GB last month and about 12GB the month
before. Complete and utter crap.

Now it seems more accurate. This month 26.28GB, last month 4.27GB, previous
month 2.5GB, 1.23GB, 2.18GB etc....

I guess it's fairly accurate. Azureus' statistics page tells me I've a
combined up/download figure of 20.4GB, I suppose I could have used nearly
6GB for other stuff in 17 days (although I know not what). Other than
Azureus my usage pattern hasn't changed but it seems I'm using more data all
the same now I'm paying for it. To be expected I guess.

Next breakpoint price-wise is 31GB. I guess I'd best slow down, not use
Azureus again until next billing period. I can't afford another $10. It'll
be interesting to see if I *somehow* reach that point anyway, even though
I'll only be doing what I was doing previous months and should use about
2.5GB max in the next two weeks.

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