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How To Analyze CSMA/CD
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Hi , Everybody

I am trying to analyze CSMA/CD and MAC protocols of
LAN. I don't know exactly the procedure of CSMA/CD . How many
instructions of CSMA/CD , CSMA , and ALOHA. I can't enter and so I don't exactly know the procedure
statement of CSMA/CD . How to demonstrate CSMA/CD to reduce
network collision in real world.

I am studying for my dipolma and one of the self-assessment
questions is:
What is the MAC protocols ?
What is the difference of ALOHA and 1persistent
non persistent CSMA, CSMA/CD ,
How to demonstrate these protocols?
What is the instruction of CSMA/CD exactly ?

Does anyone know the answer? I can find no reference to these terms in
any of
the documentation that I have access to.

Please reply me Removed) ,

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