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One or two?

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On Mon, 03 Oct 2005 10:45:54 +1300, Rob J wrote:

>> The recommendations at the time for those chipsets seemed to be to not
>> go over 64MB (?) unless you really need to ie you are swapping to disk -
>> disk is still slower than uncached RAM.

> I had 128MB on a TX board, Pentium 166MMX, the performance improvement on
> 98SE was extremely obvious.

As it would've been if you needed more memory and were swapping to disk
with only 64MB. Swapping to disk is orders of magnitude slower than using
RAM, whereas using L2 to cache RAM access is only an incremental
performance increase.

Someone using less than 64MB (incl OS filesystem caching) would get lower
performance by increasing memory. But as you noticed swapping is so much
worse that it dwarfs that small loss.

All ancient history now though.

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Don Hills
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In article <1128288210.8c94af85742dc33a305181170c2c6669@teran ews>,
"AD." <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>Where it might've impacted Windows though was that 9x (apparently, I
>don't know how accurate this was) allocated some memory from the high
>addresses first which was quite often in Intels non cachable area if you
>had more than say 64MB.

This happened with the release of WIN32s 1.30. Some people might say it was
an architecture change designed to break WIN32s compatability in OS/2, but I
couldn't possibly comment.

Don Hills (dmhills at attglobaldotnet) Wellington, New Zealand
"New interface closely resembles Presentation Manager,
preparing you for the wonders of OS/2!"
-- Advertisement on the box for Microsoft Windows 2.11 for 286
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