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PC component failure rates.

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PC wrote:
> 3 in 1 is more Kerosene than Oil, just put a drop on your fingers and
> rub them together to see how 'non oily' it is.
> And as for CRC/WD40 and all that @$^&*^%$#@$%%^ or to use a Rogerism
> "Crap" (tm)
> As a general rule I found the 'new' fans that have needed attention
> seem to have a white grease in them that is a little to sticky for
> our local conditions during winter, a drop or two of said engine oil
> seems to set them up for life. (over 3 years at this point for those
> particular ones)
> On older fans needing lubrication after 1-2 years in service I
> initially had about a 95% permanent fix rate.
> Of the 5% that came back a couple were just to worn out in the first
> place & I should have tossed them anyway.
> The rest I realised were fans that were originally seized solid and
> needed complete dismantling to remove the old dried up lubrication
> before they resumed normal service. Not unexpectedly I do this
> automatically with seized fans now.
> As for 'quality' the fans in the old Compaq/IBM/Digital powersupplies
> seem to last the longest & are worth saving as replacements.
> CPU fans, genuine Intel - havent seen a dead one yet, AMD branded
> ones seem just as reliable.
> Long discertation about a small and minute detail in the wide world of
> Personal Computers, interesting eh!

Interesting indeed. Thanks.

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