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Advice on Best Tablet PC

Don Hills
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In article <42a910eb$(E-Mail Removed)>,
"Brett Roberts" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>Fairly close I suspect. I made the mistake of eating a biscuit covered in
>100's and 1000's ...

They make them in lime flavour as well now. Very tasty.

Don Hills (dmhills at attglobaldotnet) Wellington, New Zealand
"New interface closely resembles Presentation Manager,
preparing you for the wonders of OS/2!"
-- Microsoft advertisement on the box for Windows 2.11 for 286
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"Brett Roberts" <> wrote

> And then there was the former MSNZ employee whose cat urinated in her
> brand new M200 (and no, that's not the reason for the "former"). I
> understand we had to write that one off and buy her a new one.

So... even employee's cats **** on M$ products, eh??

-scribbles furiously-

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On , , Fri, 10 Jun 2005 16:02:48 +1200, Re: Advice on Best Tablet
PC, "Brett Roberts" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>And then there was the former MSNZ employee whose cat urinated in
>her brand new M200

The cat was probably jealous and thought it should have been on
her lap rather than the laptop and took revenge.

>(and no, that's not the reason for the "former"). I
>understand we had to write that one off and buy her a new one.

Cat pee is terrible if left for a few days in a keyboard, whereas
dog **** isn't bad at all when it comes to cleaning out. Milk is
another bad substance if left over the weekend before telling
your mother.

Opinions expressed are only my own. The above
post may or may not contain one or more of the
following: sarcasm, parody, metaphor, analogy,
irony, simile, extreme cynicism, pathos,
palindrome, alliteration, satire and/or
a gerund. No refunds!
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