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Working with 2 computer monitors

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Peter wrote:

> Hi
> Has anyone got any comments about using two monitors.
> Does it help you be more productive?
> Slow your computer down too much (I have a Pentium4 1.5 GHz)
> What card would you recommend?
> Cheers Peter...

I use a dual head display at both home and work and fnid it hard to be
without. It increases efficiency quite a bit as you can be looking at two
things at once without needing to swap between them. It depends what you do
though. As a software developer I find it really helps (IDE on one side,
running ap on the other).

Which card you use depends on your OS. I would recommend an Nvidia card with
dual outputs. I have the FX5200 at home and Ti4200 at work. Under X (on
Linux) it's quite easy to set up, and the Xinerama extensions in KDE help
as well.

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Adam Cameron
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> I don't, but I don't write code. My friend who writes code has 3 monitors.
> He said 4 was too many but 3 is just right. He sees raw code on one
> monitor, the work in another, and the third for browsing help, surfing or
> whatever.

I seriously considered exactly the same config, but I didn't have enough
space on my desk for three monitors (I prefer CRTs to LCDs, so they have a
bigger footprint).

I've got a 21" and a 19" running at 1600x1200 each, and it's quite a nice
way to work.

I guess I could have scrounged a small LCD for my third screen for the
docs... didn't think of that.

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