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wireless KB with intergrated mouse

Dave -
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ok, Im making a "media server" type PC

What I currently have is an old laptop that is playing movies
constantly, out-putting via S-video to the Aux channel on the video, all
is working fine, except I want a little more control over it rather than
just having another "movie channel" type thing... I'd rather be able to
choose the movies.

So, the idea is to have a wireless KB with intergrated mouse so that
wifey(she'll love that) can just point and click the move that she wants.

I've found the KB I want(trackball on top right, mouse buttons on top
left) here at work, but it's range is a tad too small(5 feet), and also
no idea who bought it and from where(it didn't come through IT), the
only marking on it was "Sejin Electron Inc" which sounds like one of
those random OEMs that makes everything for everyone but their name is
unknown(much like mitsumi used to be).

So, is anyone here clue enhanced in this regard?
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