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What Are Immovable Files

Moe Le Cules
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On 12 Mar 2005 12:37:27 +1300, Dave Taylor wrote:

> Lawrence DčOliveiro <(E-Mail Removed)_zealand> wrote in
> news:(E-Mail Removed):
>> In article <qjDSd.3421$(E-Mail Removed)>,
>> "BTMO" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>>>"Peter" <> wrote
>>>>I was checking the state of my drive with the windows disk
>>>>defragmenter and the Analyse shows I had Immovable Files. what are
>>>>these files? Can I get that disk space back if I formate the drive?
>>>Kind of defeats the purpose of defragging...

>> Wonder what would happen if an immovable file met an irresistible
>> defragger...

> Some applications use these files and their position on the physical disk
> for licence purposes. Defragging /moving them might break the app. One
> I recall was some kind of CAD app. I have no other details other than I
> had to re-register it with their support and it was a hassle.
> If they are flagged as immovable, it is generally for a reason. What is
> the exact file name?
> Put it into google and see what results have to say on the matter.

I haven't encountered an unmovable file since I stopped using a swap file.
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