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Dvd editing software.

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Up till now I have been using WinDVD creator by InterVideo which is not bad
but has some issues, It might be easier just to tell the whole story.

I have a recording on my handycam from a kids concert the other night.
Usually I would capture the video in WinDVD creator and edit it and then
load the DVD that created into DVDlab and put menus and chapters in and the
like. But my machine was busy entertaining the children so I used my
standalone philips DVDR75 to capture the video to a DVDRW and then ripped it
using and then loaded it into DVDlab and put menus and the like
into it. Thought I was winning until I played the DVD back and all is fine
except a kid screaming in the middle of it which I wanted to cut out.
WinDVD creator will only accept the *.vob files and then I lose all my
chapters and menus and have to start again. DVDlab has no ability to cut
out video.

So without reprocessing the entire DVD again does anyone know of a good
program that can edit video and do menus and such?

On a side note. I am shying away from WinDVD creator because I started with
a DVD recorded in DVD quality and even if I make no change at all to the
*.vob file it wants to reencode the entire DVD which takes a couple of
hours. Would probably be just nice if I could find a *.vob editor so I
could chop up the *.vob files first.

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