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The hounds are after the fox. Great stuff

Patrick Dunford
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In article <(E-Mail Removed)> in nz.comp on Sun, 24 Oct 2004
20:29:43 +1300, Peter <(E-Mail Removed)> says...
> nick wrote:
> > It varies, but its very fast indeed for the main projects that major linux
> > users like sun ibm hp, the distribution vendors and the majority of the
> > worlds internet service depend on, like the kernel, apache, proftpd, bind,
> > qmail samba etc. They prefer to be members of the "OSS community" because
> > of the rapid response that such a community effort can achieve.

> But faithful Windows users don't have to worry about that - now Windows is
> Trustworth Computing. Billy Gates said so, so it must be true. Windows is
> secure now, and that is why it is worth paying all that money for it. In
> fact , it is so good people don't need to use anything else and that's why
> Microsoft deny us the inconvenience of having to make a choice.

What crap is that? People have a choice of what they want to buy. Most
buy Windows. Stick to facts.
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Max Burke wrote:

>> Allistar scribbled:

>>> Max Burke wrote:

>> Not normally. Maybe every few days.

>> The -pv switch tells it to only tell me what it will
>> install/upgrade, not actually do the upgrade for me. I then make a
>> decisio non what to upgrade and what not to.

>>> Well gee, that is what I do, because *Microsoft* gives me (and
>>> everyone else that uses a Microsoft OS) that exact same option. Tell
>>> me again why that's wrong when it's a Microsoft OS Allistar, but
>>> right when it's not.....

>> As I said, I have never EVER said that what you do is "wrong" and
>> what I do is "right". Ever. Not once.
>> Find the person who did say that and have a go at them instead.

> This IS what the thread is all about Allistar; You're participating.....

No Max, you asked a question within a thread about how you safe updates in
Linux. Allistar answered that question. You're the one reading MS bashing
into his response where none exists.

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