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WCCP v1 Cisco with cache on separate interface

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Hello all.

My Cisco router has 3 interfaces. Fe0/0 is the incoming interface with
all the web traffic from the clients. Fe0/1 is connected to the
internet backhaul and Fe0/2 connects to the cache engine farm.

I enabled wccpv1 (since my cache supports only that) on the cisco
router and configured the ip wccp redirect out command in the Fe0/1
interface which is the path to the internet.

I see that the response(I_See_You) from the cisco to the Here_I_Am
messages from the cache server uses the source interface of Fe0/2
(since that is the closest interface to the cache farm LAN, I suppose).

Doing an show ip wccp web-cache detail shows the WebCache ID as

Interestingly redirection is occuring on the cisco router when I try to
browse (as indicated by the counters in the same command) but it is not
working... is this because the gre tunnel is using a source interface
of ???

ANy ideas on how I can get the router to use the correct webcache ip


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I found that this is a cisco IOS bug with wccpv1. Its just a display

The router is seeing the cache (show ip wccp detail). However my PIX
firewall in between the router and the cache seems to be dropping the
spoofed SYN ACK packet sent by the cache to the client. On digging
further I see the cisco router redirecting the HTTP SYN packet for the
internet website (from my client pc) to the cache. The Cache responds
with a SYNACK with the source IP address "spoofed" to reflect the ip
address of the actual webserver. However the PIX does not seem to
forward it out the outside interface back to the router. Doing a debug
ip packet on the DMZ interface of the PIX shows the packet entering the

ANy help would be appreciated !!


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