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how do I block websites with firefox

fuzzyworm fuzzyworm is offline
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All the 'hosts' file method does is 'lies' to your internet browser, disguising the real location of a website, and associating the address with the local machine ( Even if you are successful in setting this system up, it's little more than a minor inconvenience. Try this:

Use the system described to block '' as you have been doing, then follow any of these links:

Just to prove that the problem is inherent in the system, and is not just because of the way you set it up, click this one:

Why does it work?

Whenever you type an address, your internet program asks windows for the numerical 'IP address'. The first thing windows does is looks in its 'hosts' file, to see if it already knows it. If it doesn't, then it contacts your ISP, and asks them if they know (a DNS server). By putting entries in your 'hosts' file, you mislead windows into thinking it knows the address, but you feed it an incorrect one, and since it doesn't bother to check this address with the ISP, then for all intents and purposes, the website is down.

This is the crunch though, if you already happen to know the NUMERICAL address, you can just type that straight in. The easiest way to find this is to open a command prompt, and type nslookup This should give you at least one valid numerical address.

Now - what can you do about this? Very little, you could deny access to the command prompt, or specifically to nslookup, but this would have little effect, with significant hindrance to the system, since there are also multitudinous websites, literally thousands, that offer the same service as nslookup, such as This One, so unless you also plan to block all these, then blocking nslookup is futile, and hence so is using the hosts file for security.

The bottom line is that although there isn't really any system guaranteed to keep your browsers clean, this is probably the least effective, not least because you have to manually update the list whenever you want to block a site. If you want my advice, invest some time in setting up a tried and tested content filter.

P.S. Patricia - You might find that Windows is set up to ignore the hosts file altogether, a setting you can probably change, but believe me, it's not worth the effort.

It's not just me! edit: Also, check this page out!

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Orlando Orlando is offline
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Hello: If I can be of help. One of the softwares which I use is: ZoneAlarm, you can set this program to block websites; I do it all the time. For further information, go to:

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alpha1 alpha1 is offline
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hope im not too late.

host file blocking dont work on dynamic IP.

Use firefox extension called adblock its free.

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nlsteffens nlsteffens is offline
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If the hosts file is not working with mozilla firefox, clear the cache file by clicking tools->clear private data. Clear all fields except for 'cache' and then click on 'clear private data now'. Restart firefox. The hosts file should now work as expected.


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daddysapp daddysapp is offline
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The problem may be that there is an extension added by note pad. Instead, use edit whenever you are changing the host file.
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BuGG BuGG is offline
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I'm sure this is old news to most, but for those having trouble editing
hosts, you should reboot the pc after editing hosts to apply
any changes.
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C_K C_K is offline
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Alright I've tried this method numerous times in order to block certain websites on my computer and it has yet to properly block the sites.
Everytime I block a website it only does it for one user, for every other user the site isn't blocked.
Can anyone tell me why that is?
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Thorbjorn Thorbjorn is offline
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I can recommend the Firefox add-on BlockSite, which is available at

It works for me. It is possible to prevent others from switching it off with password. Further instructions are at the site linked to.

Hope it works!
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deepu deepu is offline
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yes patriciaj102, you were doing it wrong

give next ip address for blocking urls

that is instead of using use

for next url u want to block use and so on....

url = uniform resource locator (this is the address of websites eg:
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AlphaHusky AlphaHusky is offline
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I think this person is looking for what she CAN do and NOT what she CAN'T do...
Here is a link for an add-on from Mozilla to block websites. It appears to work similar to the IPTABLES in Linux boxes...
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