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Rekall, first impressions

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Rekall is a front end for the MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

I followed the instructions on Rekalls web site and compiled the programme
(using checkinstall to create a rpm). There were warnings by the screenful.
The suggestion that 40mins at 2600+ CPU speeds to compile is on target.

Having come from MS Access, or at least used it to create simple databses
for use, I thought that Rekall would be similar.

Well, yes and no. Take the no first and work from there is better. Rekall
had me realling to start with. The first hurdle is to get it to connect to
MySQL (I am using MySQL) Nevertheless there are many likneses.

Rekall has a front, front end in that all the connection to database
details etc are stored in a file. Opening up this file, connects to the
data base and opens up the front end proper.

The wizards work well. I used them to create forms, queries and reports.
The report one wants to print to paper rather than the screen first off.

Databases are hard things to get ones head around cf word processing and
spreadsheets. Given this Rekall has slapped the GUI on the very powerful
MySQL engine and now the mouse can do the driving.

When I first started to use Linux in a "serious" way some yaers ago, it
was claer to me that the Database front was somewhere in the future. We
have now arrived at that point.

If you have a use for a database and not too fussed with the command line
then you may wish to try Rekall.

( I have no interest $ wise in Rekall )
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Gordon wrote:
> Rekall is a front end for the MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

Thanks for the info.
I tried knoda a year or 2 back. It worked, but not easy for me, being used
to Access & Excel & stuff.
Next time I need a database, guess I'll have to try Rekall.



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