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ihug connect

Stephen Worthington
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On Thu, 15 Jul 2004 09:34:02 +1200, "gsosna" <(E-Mail Removed)>

One more question you need to have an answer for - 111 emergency
service. If the mains power is off, you probably will not be able to
use an ihug phone, whereas a Telecom phone is run from the exchange
battery and still works (unless you have replaced all your phones with
cheap mains powered ones). So, in that situation, will you be able to
call for help if you need it? A cellphone is a possible alternative,
but will the cellphone system be up, and will there always be one at
home (and findable) when anyone is there?

Believe me, when you need 111, you really need them quick, and if you
can not just pick up a phone and have it work, you need to have
practiced beforehand what you are going to do. Two minutes lost
finding a phone can be the difference between losing your house to a
fire or not.
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Dave -
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EMB wrote:
>> Thread hijack...
>> Three real world IP address...
>> Does that mean someone could DOS your phone?

> Probably, but ihug *should* have been careful enough to block anything
> like that at firewall/router level shouldn't they

Double edged sword...
Some users want a "raw" internet connection, otherwise they complain
about being limited or that the ISP is blocking potentially legitimate

Others will be pleased that it is "filtered"
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> They drilled a hole in the wall to feed the ethernet through, but it
> could of easily fitted through a (closed) window frame.

Awesome, sounds like all I have to tell the landlord is that they are going
to install a "sky dish" on the roof...

Thanks for all your help Steve.


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