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Joe Jobs

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I have a domain name which has been joe jobed (used as a forged domain name in
spam mail outs) see,00.html

Now the domain has several mail addresses which have been harvested off
websites (since changed) which are on a spammers distributed CD, no great
problem, those addresses go straight to the bit bucket in the sky.

The joe jobs are very simple forged from addresses so no big danger of the
domain being black holed for spamming, out of hundreds of bounces hitting me
there has only been one complaint, someone who didnt check the originating ip
against the domain.

The variety of networks originating the spam suggests that it is a series of
compromised systems sending the spam, negating the ability (just not enough
time) to report them all. It seems to come in fits and starts, the first one I
sent on to the FBI as it was an American Stocks Tout, the next series was good
old get your meds online.

The question is anyone have any experience of dealing with this minor nuisance,
remember I am only getting bounces so I cannot just feed them to an anti spam
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