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Skype grows older

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Can now dial out on Skype to phone numbers on the public network...I know
other services are able to do this but skype seems to attract a lot of

Cost of NZ calls ...

NZ National calls .012 euro (approx 2.5 NZ cents per minute)
NZ Mobile calls .21 euro (approx .50NZ cents per minute).

It costs the same to dial to the UK/Aus/USA/Canada and most other western
nations national numbers.

Don't know about the call quality though - anyone used this service?

Now, we just need number portability to funnel incoming calls through a
local Skype provider, local loop unbundling (if you live in an ADSL-only
address) and you could just about block telecom from your mailbox. Although,
you would have to pay for local calls and probably would have to pay to
receive local calls too.

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