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PAgP - silent and non-silent modes

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Can anyone clarify if the differences between the silent and non-silent
modes for PAgP.

As I understand it if the mode is auto or desirable there are 2 sub modes,
silent and non-silent. If it is silent no packets are required from the far
end for the port to be put into the port channel. If it is non-silent it
will wait until it hears PAgP packets from the far end before it puts the
port into the channel.

If that is the case what is the difference between auto silent and desirable
silent as it appears both result in the port being added to the channel?


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I believe the "silent/non-silent" attribute does not refer to the
presence or absence of PAgP packets. Instead it indicates if the peer
at the other end will be a source (or not) of BPDUs or other traffic
having nothing to do with PAgP.

Thus "auto silent" mode means the port will not initiate port bundling
using PAgP and also should not expect to receive BPDUs or other traffic
on that port.

And "desirable silent" mode would mean that the port will actively try
and bundle ports into a channel using PAgP but would not expect BPDUs
or other traffic on that port.

Cisco da Gama

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