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DVDR discs and the 120mins?

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What is the 120 minutes referring to?

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Mr Scebe
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"cowboyz" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
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> What is the 120 minutes referring to?

How long you can record on them at SP (normal) setting. It's more for use on
the home consumer recorders, rather than computer DVD writers. The disks i
have (Verbatim) list 5.1Mbps as the average recording compression, so your
time will vary according to the quality that you record at. I usually record
at 6Mbps, and can fit a rugby match onto a single disk - usually comes in
about 95mins or so.

The higher the compression, the less you can record. For example EP will let
you record 240 mins on a disk, but only at 2.5Mbps.

Mr Scebe
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