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Spam problem

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On Wed, 5 Nov 2003 15:24:24 +1300, "JedMeister"
<spamclowns****(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>Hi, thanks for the tip. This worm is a nasty piece of can install
>itself without opening the email message.
>I ran the removal tool and it did not find anything, but my symptoms seem
>quite close to the description of this worm.
>I have norton av 2004 running, with email checking and worm checking enabled
>in the options. And ,I auto update the microsoft critical patches all of the
>I'll run a full system scan to make sure there is nothing else.

If you are receiving the emails, it doesn't mean that you are
infected. There are two sorts, those that appear to be a Microsoft
Security Bulletin and those that appear to be virus reports. Both are
symptioms of *someone else* having Swen. If the check comes up OK, you
are almost certainly OK.

Still, it's good to check.



The complete lack of evidence is the surest sign
that the conspiracy is working.
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JedMeister wrote:
> Hmm, ok I will change this immediately.
> But, as they have my email already, I am probably condemned for life

Not necessarily. Open a new mailbox and eventually close the spammed

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