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Tossing up between two firewall/routers (DLink vs. Linksys)

Dany P. Wu
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Hi everyone,

I am currently tossing up between a DLink DI-704IP and a Linksys BEFSX41.

Both are firewall/routers supporting similar features, the DLink being the
cheaper option at the moment.

The DLink also has a printer port but I seem to feel that people don't have
very high opinion of them? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Has anyone had
any experience with these two items? Any comments would be greatly

At Ascent Dlink costs $150.05 and Linksys costs $195.91


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i'd recommend the linksys. Pays in the long run to pay for quality.
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On Wed, 8 Oct 2003 19:37:21 +1300, "Dany P. Wu"
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>At Ascent Dlink costs $150.05 and Linksys costs $195.91

I've used 2 of the D-Link DI-704P with no problems. User interface is
kinda big and ugly compared to the DSL-504 (which I have been using at
work for yonks) but otherwise "It just works". Also the 0800 number
support (which goes to OZ) is really good.
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