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Re: Routing incoming port 80 requests thru an ADSL router

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Just to close the loop on this one I used the telnet interface to move the
HTTP server in the router to port 8080 and mapped the public port 80 through
to on the LAN. This gets the router's configuration
interface out of the way of incoming HTTP requests. Although at that point I
was still getting errors trying to connect from the LAN to my internally
hosted site using the public sub-domain name (i.e. as if I was joe-public
floating around the Internet) it worked fine from an external site so I
guess this was some sort of loopback-related problem.

The other thing I noticed is that running NAT on the router hasn't affected
the host headers in the request. Using this scheme I should now be able to
set up one sub-domain for each site I need to give external clients access
to (thanks to the very flexible iServe console), and my ADSL router will
point all of these incoming requests to my web server. Each site of the web
server will be set up at with the host header entry
providing the discrimination needed to serve correct site.

Hope others in the future find this useful.


"Alan" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:Hw67b.1$(E-Mail Removed)...
> I've set up a sub-domain to point to a server on my network that's hosting

> few web sites. DNS is working, but the router is putting up it's own
> web-based configuration site instead of routing the incoming port 80
> requests straight through.
> When I define a TCP mapping I can specify the public port and the private

> and port that it maps to. I hoped that defining a port 80 mapping would
> bypass the router's internal web server, but apparently not. Can I do this
> without using something other than port 80?
> What obvious step am I missing?
> My ISP is iServe (basic plan, static IP), the router is a 3Com OCR-812.
> Alan

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