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MS to settle anti-trust suit with 'Be'

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"GraB" wrote
> They still won in this case, didn't they? IE now deployed exclusively
> on AOL and Netscape shut down.

heh, nice point.

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T.N.O. allegedly said:

> "steve" wrote
>> ....crime doesn't pay.

> It does if you make more than you pay out, but from what you have
> mentioned below, even MS may have trouble with that.
>> They are also in danger of being forced to pay US$500m / MONTH in damages

> to
>> the EU fines.......

> What for this time?

The usual....illegal anti-competitive business practice. Here are two
articles - one from August and one from this week.

August 6th:

Extract (partial):


But the Commission's tough-sounding rhetoric indicated it had no intention
of backing down.

"At this stage, we have so much evidence and we are in possession of such a
substantive file that we believe any decision we take will withstand
scrutiny of the European court," Commission spokesman Tilman Lueder told a


September 7th:

Extract (partial):


Financial penalty

Microsoft has been battling anti-trust probes on both sides of the Atlantic
for most of the past four years.

If the Commission finds it guilty of breaching European competition law, the
company could face fines of up to 10% of its global turnover - about

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