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Re: modem problem?

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"~misfit~" <misfit@'SPAMTRAP'> wrote in message
news:t%_3b.132029$(E-Mail Removed)...
> "cajones" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:bipjkr$c0rqf$(E-Mail Removed)
> > For a few days now I can only access website for a couple of minutes and
> > then I am unable to access any more while the icon still turn as it

> > for the site requested. *But* I can still download email and posts to
> > usenet?
> > Each time I reboot I can access 2-3 sites then the modem stops

> > even though I am still connected.
> > Have changed out the modem ( still same prob) and the memory chip (

> > stick pc133).
> >
> > The system crashes when I play games or anything intensive also, but

> it
> > hard to relate to my browsing problem. All my security settings have

> > checked.
> > I am using a Hewlett Packard 500mhz, win 98, OE6.
> >
> > My local help desk reckons I needed a firmware update ( yeah right- they
> > would ) but trying another modem discounted that advice.

> Hey Caj. Sorry, can't help you with your problem but you've come to the
> right place( nz.comp). There are some on-to-it people here.
> I actually did have a problem similar to this before and I found deleting
> the connection and setting it up again fixed it. I think, in Win 98, it's

> control panel - ? (Dial-up connections or something similar, I'm not
> running 98 anymore). I just deleted 'xtra' and then re-set it up with the
> usual settings. You know, 087 303030 (or, 087 303032 seems to work better
> with some modems) as the number, that sort of thing. Might be worth a try.
> Just thought I'd say 'Hi' as I've never seen you here before.
> Cheers mate.
> --
> ~misfit~
> ---
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> Version: 6.0.512 / Virus Database: 309 - Release Date: 19/08/2003

Hiya Sh*** LTN hear. Seldom on 'puter nowadays but the 'War in Iraq' is the
best show in town esp. with the death of 'greasy & qeasy' Hussein. Just
cannot fathom why only email downloading and not internet sites, bothersome.
I need another HD so I can do a complete new install as I have 5 years worth
of irreplaceable 'life' on it.


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