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Re: AHHHH, NICE (quiet) PC FOR $47

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In article <pan.2003.>, Evil Bastard
> Hi all,
> After looking at some noise reduction options, I've ended up with a
> solution that cuts an estimated 35-30dB from the noise of my server box
> for a measly $47.00
> Quite simply, a wooden case enclosure and lined it with
> Melamine Acoustic Ceiling Foam.
> Inspiration came from:
> as featured on Slashdot:
> Tracked down a supplier of Melamine foam in Auckland:
> DAA Flexible Foam Products in East Tamaki:
> This foam is special, because of an extremely high Noise Reduction
> Coefficient (NRC) - see links above.
> Cost:
> * 600mmx1200mmx25mm Melamine Foam Sheet - $42 incl GST
> * Sheets of 5-ply - offcuts bludged from Carters, tipped the
> kind dude $4 to buy himself a beer after work
> * Glue gun stick and a few nails - $1
> Time - 1 hour from start to full installation.
> Effectiveness - estimated 25-30dB reduction.
> main source of noise in the room is now the analog wall clock. Have to
> strain my ears to hear the PC.
> Tips:
> * Measure up the wood so that the enclosure (with foam) is flush with the
> front of the case, and extends 10-20cm past the rear of the case.
> * Leave a gap of approx 5mm between foam and case at sides and top
> Can't wait to buy more foam to do my desktop box as well.
> Posted all this here on the off chance that others may be sick of loud PCs
> and might benefit from this info.
> Cheers
> EB

what are your temps doing? If air can get in and out so can noise.
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