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Re: SCAMSTERS "Domain Names NZ" at it again...

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Gurble wrote:

> Unbelievably, those australian scamsters T/A Domain Names NZ are at
> it again, and have again sent out a misleading invoice-like letter to
> people that have registered .nz domain names.
> As usual, they have obtained details of registrants (breaching the
> DNC's rules at the same time), and have sent out an invoice-like
> letter for registration of a similar name (eg if you
> had previously registered for the measly fee of $237
> for 2 years. (Of course, this would only cost around $90 everywhere
> else, or $70 at, but that's not the point).
> I thought these scamsters had been closed down last time, but
> obviously not.
> It's about bloody time the Commerce Commission got involved. This is
> the third or fourth time they've tried this scam, and they must hook
> some unsuspecting people every time to make it worthwhile.
> I note that this time they have removed their 0800 number, probably
> after the number of complaints they received last time round.
> IMO, these scamsters are lower on the food chain than a smelly dead
> slug, half-squashed with it's rotting guts hanging out, and should be
> treated as such. Wankers.

I received a letter the other day about this. It basically looks like a
invoice, but the domain name mentioned is for a .net address and not a .co
one (same 3rd level domain though). Dirty bastards, I tried to ring them to
give them a ear full but couldn't get through.

Oh well, one more company to add to the list of companies I will never ever
do business with.

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