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Re: IE saving jpegs as bmps

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"Beemer" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Using IE5. What gives with MS IE? Can't they get that right? Option
> to save pictures is BMP only and untitled. Went online to find fix.
> None worked. Notice in forums that plenty of people have this
> problem, even with IE5.5 and 6.
> Also, whats with the contoured colour separation look to the pictures?

I run into this often.

It usually seems to be pages that have been opened from links in email read
in Outlook Express.

Ctrl/Refresh seems to sort it out most of the time.

Spare disk space is not an issue for me.

IE is not the only browser which has had similar problems. There was a bug
in Mozuilla for a whiel that always saw .txt appened to the end of filenames
for files ending in .txt, .exe and several other extensions. Mozilla fixed
it in a few months though. Don;t hold your breath waiting for M$ to do the


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