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"Steve Sinclair" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Has anybody been able to get Caller ID working on a modem in NZ?
> I have a standalone Caller ID box which works - so I know Caller ID
> info is being passed from Telecom.
> I've got a PureTek PT-3020 voice modem that claims to be able to
> handle Caller ID, it accepts the #CID=1 command but doesn't return any
> caller info - just the RINGs.
> Could the standalone box be the problem? or do I need a different
> modem? or just different settings? - and if so what?
> Any help appreciated.
> Steve

Simple answer is it works 100% with a caller ID modem that supports NZ
caller ID method.

This means talk to some one who supplys POS modems and they will give you
the address of the crowd in auckland who make the NZ complient modems. It is
expensive >$200 for a 33.6k Caller ID modem this in hand you can then A)
Purchase some thing like Parabllum's Caller log software or B) Use ACT6 or
such and trigger its database and call logging features.

I spent a long time and must have tried a dozen different modems (Dlink,
Dynalink, USR, Generics. Swann ect) to find this out.

However telecom were very 'helpful' as they said it would NEVER work but
offered a digital bisness exchange that had this feature and came with
software for just $190 dollars a week on a three year lease oh it did have 5
phones and allow transfer between other offices in new zealand that also had
equipment installed at $120 a week per branch.

As you can guess we did not go the telecom method not wishing to commit to a
$30k land phone package when 2 lines do the job ok.

If you have any difficultys finding the modem supplier please post agin and
I will hunt the address up.

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