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Re: LifeView FlyVideo3000

Murray Symon
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On Sun, 13 Jul 2003 17:35:23 +1200, Kazonme wrote:

> How is LifeView FlyVideo3000 TVtuner now?
> In the day of Flyview 98 the screen display is terrible !

I have the '98 and it gives a clear, sharp picture.
Mind you, one thing they don't warn you about is that it is
very fussy about your video card. If it cannot use the video
card's overlay properly (or if the card has no overlay mode
available) it falls back to pixel capture mode which does
look pretty shocking.
I had to play around with all sorts of Win98 drivers for
my old Savage4 card until I found the ONE that worked OK.
OTOH, bttv/xawtv under Linux worked perfectly when given
the card ID.
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