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ADSL usage Problem

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If you were to switch your hub for a Linksys four or eight port switch,
it has all the required port blocking features accessible via a built in
webpage. Very easy to use.

In article <bejdd6$1no$(E-Mail Removed)>, "karl" <(E-Mail Removed)>

|"Richard Malcolm-Smith" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
|news:begpoh$5ig$(E-Mail Removed)...
|> And after upgrading my nokia to a later software it now appears to be able
|> block by port... mmmm kazza gone...
|I rang Telecom today and they said my version of the Nokia M1122 firmware
|was upto date. (Gxlx2230.R04). I was searching arround the web interface for
|any options for blocking certain ports but I could not work out how to do
|I dont see how the pinhole blocking can help, isnt this when you have for
|example a webserver you want to use externally on say port 80 behind the
|router? I dont see how this can prevent internal users from
|uploading/downloading on that port??
|Currently the users are on DHCP and I dont see any problem with this.
|Under the Services Tab there are the following options, Names, NAPT,
|Firewall and Filter.
|The Firewall and Filter options have nothing in them to edit/modify so I
|dont see them being much use. The NAPT has a all connections global and a
|VCCI option for pinholes which I dont really think can do much. But the
|first one, Names, has about 8 predefined ports and I think you can add other
|ones, but no option for blocking ports. - I whould have thought only the
|ports listed here whould work behind the firewall, but it doesnt seem like
|the case.
|Thinking that, yeh the best was is to install a proxy server of some sort
|and put it between the router.
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