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6 Steps To Your Own Website
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A lot of people these days are interested in getting their own place
on the world wide web. Whether it′s a personal site like a blog, or a
business site, they all need to have a decent plan before they get

A few years ago I started designing and creating websites myself. I
started just to show off to others, but I noticed it wasn’t as easy I
thought it was. I mean, it is easy to get a site online; you just buy
a template, pay a coder, and pay some one to insert content and
advertise for you then you’re done. But if you want to do things
yourself, that’s where it gets tricky.

After a few sites, I managed to find a certain pattern in the process
of creating and managing my websites.

1. I always start with an idea for subject and content. Believe me -
never create a website about something you hate and know nothing
about. Instead create a website about something you know a lot about
and like to tell other people about. What also works is writing about
a subject you would like to know more on, after doing your own
research. Newbies can explain information to other newbies easier then
pro′s explaining information to newbies.

2. Then I think of a design to go with it, to reflect its idea. Like
if your subject is Boats, then don’t go with a flaming red design.
Sure it could do it, but I would prefer for

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