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"gtright" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Yep' is the stupid people who call others stupid while hiding behind the
> computer screen. Its a very common practice from bunch of retarded beer
> birth
> accidents (just like -tropical- had describe u. earlier)

Neither of my parents have ever drank any form of alcohol.

You are a very mean person.

Please stop saying such mean things to me.

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"lowdes" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:QkmQf.14434$(E-Mail Removed)
> The MCNGP are the trolls, not us.
> "m0rk" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:(E-Mail Removed)...
>> There is a troll in our midst
>> --
>> m0rk
>> "tropical" wrote:
>>> Bwahahaha!!! My evil plan is coming too fartee.
>>> Look--- I know you will read this one stupid!
>>> I'm just as capable as you are morons! But unlike you all plonk pus*ies.
>>> I
>>> have a life and better things to occupy my time with, which obviously
>>> you all
>>> don't have.
>>> And yaa. you're not invisible enough to me, but its good that you keep
>>> ducking that faceless characters of yours.


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Bigus DiŠkus
Posts: n/a
<< While I was at home, gtright spurted out:
> Google is always your best friend. You're way behind the game as
> always.

Ok, I'll play this what you wanted tropical? My response to
your meaningless chatter!

You have no clue who I am or what I stand for. You read a few posts and
you think you know me. HA, you're a fool for it too.

> your replay to my post bellow was not fair and balanced. It's obvious

> the only news you watch is FOXnews. However its kind interesting

> for me to speculate and extend this topic to an understanding level

based on
> a fair humanitarian view.
> And I'm not here to preach anything But an honest discussion- based on

what I believe is fair and balanced.

You want fair and balanced? Here ya go!

News...I not only watch FOXnews, I watch MSNBC, and CNN (amongst the many
others), I visit each of
their websites on a daily basis, and I read the Local News Paper on a daily
basis. If you think my views are biased, you couldn't be further from the

> And before I start- I would like to tell you that I was following

almost all
> of your posts, till I come to conclusion that you not a bad person at

> but you're following the wrong path by lunching hate on the minority

and the
> helpless to become something you don't wannabe like (MCGP) or a leader

> some internet gang characters that was mislead and thought to hate

even the
> race they come from!

Another thing you probably missed, until recently I was posting under
another identity, so you missed 3/4 of my posts. Anyways, I'm not LAUNCHING
hate at anyone except the
idiots that post here expecting sh!t for free. IE....I launch my hate
toward the a$$fsukers and a$$monkeys that come in here looking for a
br@indumps because they can't spend the time to read a frigging book or
build a network on their own. I DON'T CARE about anyone's RACE, COLOR,
CREED, or NATIONALITY, and I don't believe the MCNGP is built on that
either. If you're stupid,
you're hated. GTright and Lowdes have proven that they are *tropical* are walking the tightrope, I still haven't been
able to tell if you're a complete idiot or not, just keep talking, I'll
figure it out soon enough.

> You must understand that you can never show your hate for someone- and
> expect them to love you back.

You're kidding right? Why would ANYONE show hate towards someone and
*expect* to be loved? When I hate someone I expect to be hated.

> And if you put your self on others shoes for a
> second and look back in the history, you would see and understand and

> what is right from wrong. ....what I'm trying to outline here is the

> media power that can manipulate others brain and make you look the way

> want you to look like (innocent or guilty) in a single photo-shot!.

And your media does not do this? *Your* media portrays ALL Americans as
haters of other faiths and religions! *Your* media makes you believe that
we are only out to make war and kill everyone that gets in our path.
Well, your media is WRONG!!! America was forged by multiple religions.
Who started the killings? Extremists (not Americans)...Extremists (so they
happen to be of the Muslim faith), we know that not all Muslims are like
that. We are not blaming the Muslims, and I don't think we ever have.
Sure there are some idiot rednecks that don't know better, but for the
most part, America knows better. You just don't know that because you are
stuck behind the false media image that is shown to you.

> I honestly found your argument has no clue of what you talking about.

> and your bodies argument is the 9/11 and what the terrorists have don

> the world- right? Well, guess what! The only connection between Iraq

and 9/11
> is because Iraq is a "Muslim" country period!. you even *know* who Saddam Hussein was? Do you know what he
did? Do you know what he was capable of? I doubt you can correctly
answer any one of those questions. Let me answer them for you.

Who he was: A DICTATOR for 24 years. A member of the BAATH Party while
still a college student. A tyrant that fed on the blood of the people that
he led.

What he did: He launched his political career in 1958 by assassinating
a supporter of someone that he himself did not support (yes, that was the
only reason). He forced Iraq into a war with Iran that lasted 10 years.
America finally had to step in in 1990 to thwart his attacks on Kuwait AFTER
had threatened that if international forces led by the United States
attacked Iraq, it would be "the Mother of all wars". What do you do
when you're "Triple Dog Dared" to do something?

What he did to his own people: He stole their money, he stole their family,
he stole their lives, and he stole their dignity. He was a fsuking tyrant
that needed to be shut down. And we did it! You know why we did it?
Because there wasn't another country in this world that had the balls, even
if they had the power, to do it. America not only had the power, we had the
experience. We have dealt with our own Civil War, we've been sucked into
and dragged through both World Wars, and we've been through numerous
conflicts. Why?! Because of Dictatorship, that's why.

What he was capable of: What most people don't understand is that
"Weapons of Mass Destruction" DOES NOT mean *large* bombs that blow lots
of things up (although it can). WMDs could also be a small vial of a
biological virus that he could have fit in his pocket yet still had
results similar to the Bubonic Plague.

> And let not forget that
> Muslims did not invent terrorism and those mother fsukers (terrorists)

> don more harm to Muslims then any other nations in the world. And

while you
> at it.. let not forget the Oklahoma bomber, the Irish terrorists the

basc of
> Spain and so on...

No, believe it or not, the Jews were some of the first known terrorists,
look up The Zealots and The Sicari. But, the Muslims were also some of
the early terrorist groups. Now, modern terroism (as we know it)
started with the PLO (Palestinians) and the IRA (Irish) which were the
first terrorists to attack civilian populations.

The Oklahoma Bomber? HA, Timothy McVeigh was a coward. Why even bring
him up? Although *by definition* he is a terrorist, he can't be placed
in the same classification as those terrorists which reign over an
entire country for years and/or decades. Dictators like Castro, Amin,
Stalin, Hitler, Hussein, Qaddafi and Milosevic control(led) millions of
people, either directly or indirectly. They were the true terrorists,
because they brought fear to people every single day for decades.

> So, do you really think its fair to kill hundreds thousands of

> people to get one jacka$$?!

You are not understanding the purpose here. *WE* are not killing the
helpless people, that is *your* media making you believe that we are.
The terrorist regimes are the ones killing those innocent people and
they would be killing even more of them if we weren't there to prevent
much of it. It's just that if the US wasn't there, there would be no
media, so you wouldn't know about it. Therefore, I suppose it wouldn't
be happening, right? And if you think that, you're more of an idiot than the
other two dolts that I mentioned.

> Do you really think its fair to drop bombs and food at same time on

> and called good deeds?

You're nuts, where do you hear this gibberish? We do not drop bombs and
food on the same people? What do you think we are? That is just sadistic
and it actually sounds like something one of those fsuking dictators would
do just to make people fear them. If we wanted to do that, we would just
drop a fsuking A-Bomb on the entire Middle East and not waste the money on
the food. Gimme a break, if we wanted to kill everyone, we would have done
it 50 years ago when we got the technology.

> Do you really think its fair to label over a billion populations as
> terrorists just because 1% of them happen to be?!

You're lost. You keep rambling on about stuff you don't know. Learn to
think before you speak. Again...who does this? Nobody that I know does it.

> Do you really think its fair to compare "ariel sharon" to someone

prophet or
> Jesus in your TV shows??!

It actually sounds like you may be referring to South Park. If that's
the case, you've got alot to learn.

> Do you really think its ok to insult someone religion, culture,

> father, mother or a person him self and called freedom of speech?

When someone attacks me first....absolutely!

> .. (Because
> as far as I know.. if I walked up your face and called you something
> unacceptable = chances are that I will end up in jail!. There is a

fine line
> between freedom of speech and saying something that would get you in


No, if you walked up in my face and called me something, *I* would end
up in jail.

> Do you really think its ok to label and discriminate against the whole
> nations because of the action of a few evil groups of criminals who

choose to
> kill innocent people?

Again, we don't.

> I really get sick and tired of hearing discrimination discussions over

> African Americans and Hispanics in almost every TV/radio Talk show,

yet no
> one talk about the Arab and Muslims massive discrimination that is

openly and
> continuously used on Radio/TV talk shows!. .The only thing you would

> about arabs/muslims since 9/11 is a false propaganda that severely
> discriminate, label, and make all Arabs and Muslims like, to look like
> they're not humans!. like they're just a thing that you can

torture, aim
> at, pee on, spit at and denied the very basic jobs in such a very

> skill, and walkedover like bugs that you can kill without feeling a


So call in and add your $0.02! I don't know a talk show host that won't
listen to *sensible* arguments from both sides. Or better yet, don't listen,
just change the station/channel. Nothing in this world will ever please
everybody. That's just the way it is. Deal with it, the rest of have
learned to.

> ----How unappreciative and inhuman could one be- to do this to the

> you depend on their oil and goods to drive your fancy cars to work and

> your fancy airplanes over their lands to drop bombs and food over

them?. Is
> it because you stole from them what their dictatorship governments you
> installed over them couldn't figureout before you.?.

Dictatorship Governments? That *we* installed? You're funny! Really! Where
do you get this bullsh!t that you speak? We are not dictators, the US has
been, and always will be, a Republic with Democratic Ideals. Do you know
what Democracy means? Here, look it up and learn from it:

> if you acknowledge just a bit of their contribution to this world- you
> should at least show them some respect for what they are just other humans
> like you.

Again, It's not about the people, it's about the inhumanistic
dictatorship that *controls* the people.

> And ....while this war my have don some goods, by takingout that

> dictator and dismantling some of those stupid "terrorist" groups who

> and cause the death to many innocent people around the world in the

name of a
> Islam... to me it still not worth it. Because there is many ways to

takeout a
> single dictator or a single terror group without having to kill every
> innocents in your way and waste billions of dollars that could be

spend on
> those who are dying from hunger and diseases around the world.

Are you aware that most of those people you call "innocents" (yes, women
and children) are walking around with AK-47s waiting to shoot at
anything that doesn't look Iraqi? Sorry, I don't care

> Plus if you
> learn anything from history- you will find that Arabs and Muslims have

> never invade or occupied other nations, they always fought wars in

> defense because they were invaded and occupied by the west, Simply

> they're Muslims and their cultural way of life and even the way they
> dress!;

I don't agree with alot of their culture, like how they keep their women
basically hostage. But that is the women's fault for letting it happen. The
women of the US had a major movement back in the 1850s that lead to their

> And if this is not enough you.. Then look at Vietnam war and long time
> occupiers like French England etc.. And you will find wars almost

> solved anything. It only creates poverty, hates, more terrorists,

> diseases and so on.. Almost every place in the world that was ones a

> zone, is still straggling to this date with corruption and poverty and

> far worst then they use to be before they were invaded.

Not true, the only Countries that have not overcome their poverty are the
countries that have not implemented some sort of National Budget. Countries
(h3ll, anyone) that cannot manage their monies properly are going to live in
poverty. Unfortunately, if *I* can't manage my money, *I* live in poverty.
But if a leader of a country cannot manage that country's money, the whole
country lives in poverty.

Vietnam for instance...Did you know that after the Vietnam war, the US gave,
yes *gave*, every victim of that war $10,000 US Dollars and brought them
here to the US to live? They were given the opportunity to start a new life,
start a business, and do whatever else they wanted to do. Do you know the
US Soldiers (and the families of the dead US Soldiers) of the Vietnam War
got? Absolutely fsuking nothing. They got send to psychiatric wards because
of the trauma they were put through...and they had to pay the frigging
medical bills.

Don't lecture me on Vietnam,'re out matched in this department.

> So, if you not a clueless cloned heartless person.. You will find all

> practices went far beyond the words you invented to make others look

> such as the word Nazism, terrorism, Semitism and so on..

They make themselves look inhuman by supporting Terrorism. I didn't do that
for them.

> Ether ways, I still and will always love this grate country based on

> makes it deferent then others and based on what it was founded of"

> the small percentage of clueless HUMAN haters that use the Nazi word

to hide
> behind- while preaching worst then na'zis could have produced.

If you are talking about the US, then you are correct. We are a very
diversified country. As a whole, we accept people from *all* walks of life.
We don't care if you suck diŠk or eat pv$$y, just keep it to yourself.

> And yes by now.. you may think the worst thing of me. And you have

> right to, because I'm just another helpless human. So take your best
> shots.

You have opinions just like the rest of us, it's just people like gtright an
lowdes that come in here and **** people off to no end that get the
thrashing that they deserve. Sure we put people down for being
idiots....they deserve it. But I have yet to see one MCNGP member (including
myself soon, hopefully) that has ever put out a person for asking a
reasonable or sensible question. The people that get the thrashings are the
dumbfsuks that come in here asking for br@indumps or asking for simple sh!t
without taking a few minutes to look through the MS Website first.

> Because to me.. a terrorist does not represent Islam Muslims or Arabs.

I don't recall anyone here ever saying that they did. Why do you think we
are over there risking our lives to help the people of those countries? Do
you think we *want* to be over there? I was there...twice... it isn't
pretty. Although the Camel Races were fun to watch.

> They are just the same as any other worthless criminals and killers that
> pray on
> killing innocent people and raping women and children's in Americas
> streets in
> daily basses.

To be honest, I wish we would focus more on the streets of the US. Street
Gangs in general are getting out of hand. They too are considered terrorists
because of the way they "rule" their streets, but their time will come.

> So remember, that the rule of life said.. a human-being, should love to
> others what he loves to him self. because despite your wealth/power- you
> can
> never be better then others. because at the end, you will end up in the
> same
> sh!ty grave others will end-up in!.

That is something you need to go preach in the Hamas Forum. It's on the
other side of the i-net.

> And Sorry for the >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>long post.

Bigus Di(c)kus
--If there is no God, who pops up the next Kleenex?

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Manny Borges
Posts: n/a
That right, you DID invent laughing. Or was it Al Gore?

Manny Borges
MCSE NT4-2003 (+ Security)
MCT, Certified Cheese Master

There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those who do understand binary
and those who don't.
"gtright" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Winda dmm min here!!! Why everyone start copy/pasting my laughing out loud
> stuff in here??
> That's not fair!
> --
> Make it idiot-proof and someone will make a better idiot.
> "tropical" wrote:
>> Bwahahaha!!! My evil plan is coming too fartee.
>> Look--- I know you will read this one stupid!
>> I'm just as capable as you are morons! But unlike you all plonk pus*ies.
>> I
>> have a life and better things to occupy my time with, which obviously you
>> all
>> don't have.
>> And yaa. you're not invisible enough to me, but its good that you keep
>> ducking that faceless characters of yours.

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Bigus DiŠkus
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**Manny Borges's** the one who fcukin said it
> That right, you DID invent laughing. Or was it Al Gore?

It was Al Gore, Al Gore invented everything.

Bigus DiŠkus
--Don't feel bad. A lot of people have no talent!

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On Mar 11, 2006 at 12:25am "Bigus DiŠkus" blathered:

> <snip, snip, snip, snip, snip>
>> And Sorry for the >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>long post.


(again, my sigmonster has proved more profound than I)

The Diabolical TGP, MCNGP #100100 is better than with updates and a 99% uptime guarantee
Any simple theory will be worded in the most complicated way.
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Kline Sphere
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>> That right, you DID invent laughing. Or was it Al Gore?

>It was Al Gore, Al Gore invented everything.

Al Gore, believes he's God.
Thank goodness I'm an atheist

Kline Sphere (Chalk) MCNGP #3
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did you hear "Bigus DiŠkus" <BigusDiŠkus@> say in
news:u5Y3w#(E-Mail Removed):

> It was Al Gore, Al Gore invented everything.

but Chuck Norris killed it all with a roundhouse kick.

The InterNeil MCNGP Triple X

- Television rots tha brane.
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Bigus DiŠkus
Posts: n/a
**Neil's** the one who fcukin said it
> did you hear "Bigus DiŠkus" <BigusDiŠkus@> say in
> news:u5Y3w#(E-Mail Removed):
>> It was Al Gore, Al Gore invented everything.

> but Chuck Norris killed it all with a roundhouse kick.

Shhhhh...don't tell PETA
Bigus DiŠkus
--Don't feel bad. A lot of people have no talent!

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Posts: n/a
did you hear "Bigus DiŠkus" <BigusDiŠkus@> say in
news:u0TmtZ#(E-Mail Removed):

> Shhhhh...don't tell PETA

People Eating Tasty Animals? What have they got to do with this?

The InterNeil MCNGP Triple X

- "My guitar is broken," Tom fretted.
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