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Tim Chase
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> I didn't have any trouble setting up mod_python & Django. However, I
> am my own hosting provider. That may make a difference.
> I can install fastcgi if it's a big win.

From my understanding, the python-code under mod_python runs as
whatever Apaches runs as ("www", "wwwdata", whatever). If this
doesn't matter in your deployment, then there's little reason to
do anything other than stick with what you know.

The advantage of fastcgi (again, from my feeble understanding) is
that the fastcgi process (your python code) runs as a designated
user. This allows hosting companies to have your code run as
you, Pat's code run as Pat, etc. This makes separation of privs
a little easier so Pat's code doesn't screw up things your
environment, and your code doesn't screw up Pat's. Nothing
should really stop you from running your code as "www"/"wwwdata"
which would simulate the mod_python environment somewhat.

It's up to you to decide the magnitude of this "big" win


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