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Regarding regular expressions in Solaris

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Am writing one C program for one of my module and facing one problem
with the regular expression functions provided by the library libgen.h
in solaris.

In this library we are having two functions to deal with
the regular expressions

char *regcmp(const char *string1, /* char *string2 */ ,
int /*(char*)0*/); ------this function is to compile the regular
expression.In case of failure it will return NULL.

char *regex(const char *re, const char *subject, /*
char *ret0 */ ...);---------This function is used to execute the
compiled expression against the subject string.


Compiled and executed the following regular expression
using the above two function like below.

char *name = regcmp("[A-Z]*",(char*)0);
const char *newcursor = regex(name,"ps");

In the above case written the regular expression only to check
whether the given value is capitals or not. To check this one I
submitted the value "ps" in lower case. Still the regular expression
is executing succefully wit out failure.In the above case it shold
have to fail but still it is successful. The regex function is not
returning NULL in this case.

If anybody knows abot this please let me know.


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Ian Collins
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sunil wrote:
> Hi,

Please don't multi-post on Usenet, the other group you posted to is more

Ian Collins.
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