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dos bootable usb HP tools - some notes
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      12-11-2007 guy mentions using HP tools..

I will just add..

There are 2 tools ,

There is the 45MB thing, which installs really fast. so prob includes
other things too.
HP Drive Key Boot Utility
I have not used it

And there is the more plain.


That does more than just format. It can format it and make it bootable

You just need HPUSBFW.EXE

Both are here
and elsewhere. if you were to google those things above.

Mentioning that info is important for googling, because at one point
mr`s HP link to it went down.


You need to point HPUSBFW to bootable system files (like on a win9x
bootable disk or disc - floppy or cd/dvd. So, and
io.sys). It will take them from the directory you point to that has
If you can make a bootable floppy disk, win xp can, great.. though
requires a floppy drive (internal or usb)

The guy has them under
Non-Windows Based Image Files W/ImageApp

winimage can open it though is evaluation. Which is fine.

To see the files e.g. on the usb key, make sure you
in win xp
tools..folder all files, and uncheck hide system/
protected files.

You cannot naturally boot win xp on any machine `Cos of chipset issue.
You can boot DOS and if you were mad, then prob Win9X.

Could boot a LIVE OS (traditionally an OS adapted to boot from CD..
But now USB too)

In the BIOS, make good use of the down arrow to see all options in
what is available to boot from!!
But like changing a CPU multiplier in the BIOS. The option may be
there but it will only work if the MBRD supports it.

Similarly, I suppose, if an option is not available, then the
potentially dangerous process of flashing your BIOS, (to latest
version) may help. But for this particular option, it may be more
likely that your MBRD does not support it. Just a guess.
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