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Firefox - Closing tabs and remaining tab order

Captain Infinity
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I have Firefox running on two different PC's: one is running Win XP
Home and the other is running Win XP Pro (I don't think the OS matters to my
question, but for completeness...)

On the one running XP Home, when I close the rightmost tab my view shifts to
the last tab viewed, no matter what its order in the sequence of open tabs.
It could be the second tab over, it could be the fourth; whatever tab I viewed
just before the rightmost tab I just closed, that's the one my view shifts to.

On the XP Pro machine, when I close the rightmost tab my view shifts to the
remaining rightmost tab (the tab that was to the left of the one I just

I prefer the latter occurrence and would like both machines to function in the
same way. Is there an "about:config" setting that controls this? I am not
running any Tab-controlling extensions on either machine.

Thanks for any help.

Captain Infinity
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