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Multiple displays and nVidia - cloning and different resolutions

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Vista 64-bit. The problem is nVidia and multiple displays, cloning and
different resolutions.

Asus nVidia GeForce EN7600 GS Silent with DVI and VGA connections
(would now prefer 2xDVI, but this card is otherwise 'okay' for now).
Using nVidia (Vista 64-bit) 163.75 drivers.

DVI-Samsung SyncMaster 940BW (+ monitor driver) 19" 1440x900 native
resolution LCD.
VGA-Wacom Cintiq 12WX (tablet-interactive pen display) 12.1" LCD
1280x800 native resolution.

Dualview - different resolutions.
Clone - can't use different resolutions, and changes the primary
monitor native resolution down to 1280x800.

Dualview is okay sometimes, but this is an interactive pen display
(tablet) and would prefer to use clone with different resolutions.

I can't recall back to installing Vista 64-bit, but can the
original/native/in-the box/first one downloaded from WinUpdates
graphics driver do multiple monitors, clone and different resolutions?

Is there any way in the nVidia Control Panel to setup clone with
different resolutions? I want to use the LCD native resolutions.

Is there or does anyone know of a utility/tool available?

Does Vista support clone displays with different resolutions?

Does ATI do different resolutions when cloning in Vista?
If yes, what would be an an okay suitable mid-range card?

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