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translate some siple code please?

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I use this code to generate random names for jewelry products I will
eventually sell. I found this code on the web and wondered if someone
could give a detailed description of each line of code? I want to
rewrite it in Revolution and use it as a standalone. Not much code, I
think someone who knows perl could blast through it real quick. Thank
you much in advance.

# lc -- language confluxer (
# - Written by Christopher Pound ((E-Mail Removed)), July 1993.
# - Loren Miller suggested I make sure lc starts by picking a
# letter pair that was at the beginning of a data word, Oct 95.
# - Cleaned it up a little bit, March 95; more, September 01
# The datafile should be a bunch of words from some language
# with minimal punctuation or garbage (# starts a comment!!!!). Try
# mixing and matching words from different languages to get just
# the balance you like. The output of course needs some editing.
# If you happen to have a unix-style command line, run it as
# "lc -[number of words you want] datafile" or "lc -s [datafile]"
# to see the distribution produced by the words in your dataset.
# Format your output further using either my "prop" script or
# the "pr" command. Try "lc -50 datafile | prop" or maybe
# "lc -392 datafile | pr -7"

# If you don't have a unix-style command line, set $unix to 0
# and set the $file and $number parameters by hand each time:
$unix = 0;
$file = 'barsoomian.txt';
$number = 25;

# Define the limits on good word lengths ...
$min_length = 3;
$max_length = 7;

# Seed the random number generator and parse arguments (if unix)
($unix and (@ARGV == 2) and ($file = pop(@ARGV)) and ($number =
and (($number =~ /^-\d+$/) or ($number =~ /^-s/)))
or ($unix and die "usage: $0 -[s|#] filename\n");
$number =~ s/-//;

# Read in the data, cleaning it up as we go, and making it one long
open(INFILE, $file) or die "$0: $file not found\n";
while (<INFILE>) {
next unless length;
s/\s+/ /;
push(@data, ' ', split('', $_));

# Let's assume the first letter could follow the last pair (loop around)
push(@data, ' ', $data[1]);

# Now, load our hash of character pairs and the letters that may follow
# keeping track of which pairs can be at the start of a word
while (@data > 2) {
($first, $second, $third) = @data[0..2];
$hash{$first.$second} .= $third;
push(@start_pairs, $second.$third) if ($first eq ' ');
shift @data;

# Oh, so you just want to see a representation of our hash??? OK.
($number eq 's') and (print map { "$_:$hash{$_}\n" } keys %hash) and

# Loop to generate new words, beginning with a start_pair; find a word,
# then continue to the next word using the last two characters (the last
# of which will be whitespace) from the previous word as a "seed" for
the new;
# oh, and only print the first $max_length characters of any words
$new = $start_pairs[rand @start_pairs];
for (1..$number) {
$new = &new_word(substr($new, -2, 2));
print substr($new, 0, $max_length), "\n";

# Messy recursive function to build a word, getting rid of short words
# and handling "seeds" from previous words properly
sub new_word {
my $word = pop;
my $pair = substr($word, -2, 2);
my $letter = substr($hash{$pair}, rand length($hash{$pair}), 1);
if ($word =~ /\s$/) {
return $word if (length($word) > $min_length);
return &new_word(substr($word, -1, 1).$letter);
} else {
$word =~ s/^\s//;
return &new_word($word.$letter);
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