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LAN with XP to Fritzbox Router
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I have connected a PC with XP, SP2 to a DSL Router FritzBox via LAN.
My laptop works without a problem on this network connection, but not
the PC.
PC LAN card tells that it is trying to get an IP, but it does not get
a IP adress from the router's built in DHCP server.
Ipconfig shows that no DHCP server is recognized.
The uplink LED at the LAN card is green and the card is indicated as
active in Device Manager.
Another LAN card shows the same negative result - no connection to
Settings in the prperties of the TCP/IP protocol of the LAN card are
- automatic IP address and
- automatic DNS Serveradress
How can I establish this connection?
Could it be that a service is not running?
If I enter a IP on the PC manually, I can connect to the router, but
he still does not recognize the DHCP server.
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